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Legal Malpractice Attorneys Defending and Representing Legal Professionals

Defending New Jersey and Pennsylvania Attorneys and Law Firms

If you are an attorney who finds yourself unfairly accused of violating your duties, we provide you with unyielding support. We apply his substantial knowledge of Bar and court rules and procedures to:

  • Defend you at Bar grievance hearings
  • Represent you in lawsuits and judicial hearings
  • Represent you in ineffective assistance of counsel hearings
  • Assist you with licensure issues.
  • Represent you in litigation, negotiations and any dealings with the bar,  if a current or former client is accusing you of malpractice.

Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C. represents clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Call us at 856-354-1900 or 215-636-0555 or contact us online to schedule your  consultations.